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Dinner Table Politics

Aug 22, 2018

Fresh from her internship in Malawi, Eliza returns to Dinner Table Politics to discuss how gender roles affect income and education, as well as other things she learned on the other side of the world. (Spoiler alert: It seems Trump has fans in Africa, too!)

Jim and Eliza then discuss the events she missed here in the United States, including the Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination and whether or not he views Roe vs. Wade as "settled law." Paul Manafort's convictions on eight counts prompts an impeachment discussion, and, in the midst of the podcast recording, Michael Cohen plead guilty to eight more felonies! Could it be that Robert Mueller's "witch hunt" is coming up with more than a few real witches?

Also, which member of the Royal Family would Eliza be willing to die for?